6 comments on “A Lose-Lose Situation: How Brett Favre has robbed me of the joy that I found in watching the Minnesota Vikings

  1. Talk about some major spin. You failed to mention how bad those Packer teams were early in Favre’s career while T-Jack was playing QB for a team with an elite running game and a team that was thought by many to be a playoff contender. T-Jack’s numbers last year are also heavily inflated by a couple good games last year (similar to the way Adam Weber’s numbers looked better than they were due to th Mich St. game this year). Using T-Jack’s numbers in garbage time this year does not even qualify for a valid argument. Putting up solid numbers against second string defenses or first stringers that have already mailed it in does not really qualify as lighting it up.

    C’mon Pete can’t you just be happy the Vikings are winning. Not only winning but winning because of Favre.

    If the Vikes get just decent o-line and safety play this weekend they will beat Dallas by 10-13.

    • Wow, I’m just amazed that someone is reading my blog. I’m flattered that you would even take the time to read that exhaustive post, let alone respond to it.

      Yeah, I used some stats to my advantage. Just like someone else could use different stats to show how Favre is way better. The point is, why has everyone been so impatient with Tarvaris? The guy was not projected to be a high draft pick, and we knew we were getting a project, and yet everyone is ignoring the the steady progress he has made because of past failures such as the 4 interception performance against the Lions in 2007. Now I will definitely admit that the playoff game against the Eagles was a step backward, but the offensive line play in that game was putrid. And I was very impressed with Tarvaris’ resiliency after throwing the pick 6 to Asante Samuel, and then leading the Vikings down the field for a touchdown in the drive immediately following it. To get the rest of this rant, I guess you’ll have to tune in later when I finish the second half in my next blog post. It’s going to rock your world, and I look forward to your counterarguments. Anyhow, what are the Gophers chances against Michigan State? Not good in my opinion. I’m starting to think Royce was a head case from the start, but Mbakwe we really should have, and so I feel like he’s the guy we really miss defensively in Tubby’s system. He would be another guy to protect the rim and rip down some huge boards, and those long arms would disrupt passing lanes. Royce is just an idiot. Anyhow, take care.

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