7 comments on “Part 2 of that Brett Favre rant

  1. Peter, Peter…

    You’ve gotten caught up in the idea that players have an intense loyalty to their teams, which in some very rare cases may be true, but in today’s NFL, that idea is mostly dead.

    This league is a business, nothing more. Let’s say that you like Dell products (the vikings), but Dell’s CEO (T-Jack) is a tool, and is holding the company back because he lacks the skills to effectively lead the company. Add onto this that they have a great product line (the rest of the vikings roster) and they want to take advantage of it before things change.

    Dell’s board of directors knows that they don’t want to waste what they have in their current portfolio, so they go out and get someone who has a proven record, and can lead their company effectively. They hire HP’s CEO to run their company, and have great success under their new leadership. Do you then feel like something has tainted Dell’s success just because they needed an effective leader?

    If you’re willing to be rational, then you have to admit that there is no way that the vikes have this successful of a year with T-Joke running the show. He is not a leader, had no ability to take charge on the field and get things done, and the vikings would not have garnered the 2nd seed in the NFC with him in charge.

    Yes, Favre is an egomaniac, but if our beloved team has success with him running the show, then why not be happy with it? Yes, he WAS a packer, but now he plays for our team and IS a viking.

    Maybe someday T-Jack will be an effective leader at the quarterback position, but the fact is that he wasn’t ready to be this season, and it would have been a damn shame to see them waste this talented roster with him running the show. As I heard on a sports talk show, the vikings offense could be compared to a ferrari this year, and T-Jack was a 14 year old kid asking for the keys. Instead, management went out and found a professional and proven driver.

    SKOL Vikings!

    • It may be that players aren’t loyal to their teams, but I think that I’m far more caught up in me being loyal to the players that play for my favorite teams, and me remaining steadfast in hating the rivals of my favorite team. I also think their at least should be a difference between a player signing the first big free agency contract that comes his way to make more money, and being the face of a franchise for 16 years, and then turning your back on that franchise because they finally got sick of you taking them for granted.

      True, the league is a business. Especially to the owners and agents, and to a slightly lesser extent, the players and coaches. But from a fan’s perspective? It’s not a business for us! If it was just a business from my perspective, and loyalty counted for nothing, why wouldn’t I wait for the Super Bowl to be down to the last few seconds, and then claim the team that was clearly going to win as my favorite team just so I could say, as a fan, that I’ve got more Super Bowls than any other fan out there. That’s a business like perspective isn’t it? Nobody roots for Dell to succeed unless their making money off of it. The people of Texas don’t just want Dell to do well because Michael Dell is from Texas. Your analogy isn’t perfect, but it does alright in the area of wanting a proven successful person to run the show, and in fact, I will use this part of your analogy to counter your argument. Yes, Dell wants a proven CEO with the qualifications to be in charge, but they’re not content to hire this guy with one of the highest salaries in the country just so he can make them the most profitable corporation in the country for 1 year, all while showing up to work late, wavering on his retirement status, and coming up with get rich quick schemes that won’t last for longer than one year, and then duck out on them. They want an up and coming guy with a great resume that shows a lot of potential and past successes that they don’t have to pay quite as much, but clearly needs the job a little bit more than they need him so he’ll stay around for a while, and produce a business model that generates elite revenue year in and year out.

      You’re the one who needs to be rational when it comes to Tarvaris. His record as a starter and his statistics are not as bad as everyone seems to think they are, and our schedule out of the gate this year was very favorable. Tarvaris and Gus won us 10 games last year with a lesser and often injured Sidney Rice, no Percy Harvin, but a better run blocking o-line, and probably a slightly worse pass-blocking o-line. (I realize we had Darren Sharper last season, but he just decided to not show up in a contract year for some reason, go figure. I consider our safeties this year and last year about the same). Now look at the schedule from last year compared to this year and look at how this year’s was clearly easier (the statistics back this up), and tell me how we don’t win two more games than last year with Tarvaris coming off of his best season and continuing to show signs of improvement. You have your head in the sand if you are unwilling to give Tarvaris that much credit. My question to you is, if Tarvaris just came off a season where he was rated 95.4 or whatever it was as a passer, when will you consider him ready? I guess he’s rated at 113 or so this season, is that good enough for you?

      By the way, the 98 offense was a ferrari, this one is more like, well, I don’t know, something not as fast or reliable as a Ferrari.

      Also, if we want to make business analogies to football leadership, Childress getting that extension is like Dell putting Paris Hilton in charge.

  2. Pete, are you still worried that we stumbled to a 3-5 finish?

    Yesterday was a complete domination. 4 TD’s from Favre and just a complete game in every aspect.

    I will touch on a few of your points in this post that are way off. You say Favre is a known bad character guy. Well, everyone on the team seems to be loving him and getting along with him just fine. He has made the players around him better, without a doubt. Take Sidney Rice for example, Favre is the reason Sidney has become an elite receiver in this league. With T-Jack playing Sidney wouldn’t be the receiver he is now. Everyone is getting along just fine on the team and the chemistry really seems to be working. Coming in and out of retirement is pretty lame but it has nothing to do with how he gets along with his teammates. By all accounts, he is well liked by most everyone he has ever played with.

    We simply are not where we are today without Favre. Plain and simple. He threw 22 TD’s and 2 picks at home during the regular season. Those are amazing numbers. He is playing well and he is the reason this team is where it is.

    Your most absurd point is that this team would have gone 12-4 with T-Jack playing QB. It just would not have happened. I don’t even understand how you could come to this conclusion.

    Tough loss for the Gophs yesterday. They really needed that game. Damian in foul trouble and getting killed on the offensive boards completely killed us. Stupid Iverson blows it in OT with basket interference. I really think we can beat Michigan St. at home this weekend. What do you think?

    • So, I was going to come out and say that after the Vikings dismantled the Cowboys that I actually did think we would win against them, but of course, I had no idea we would be dominant. I liked us in a close game thanks to our great home field advantage. But yes, I’m still scared to death of the New Orleans Saints in that Superdome, and if we hadn’t stumbled to the finish, perhaps we would be playing this game at home, and be favored to go to the Super Bowl now. Nonetheless, it is exciting that we are back in the NFC championship game.

      Favre is a bad character guy. That is a fact. Ask Ted Thompson. Ask the state of Wisconsin. Ask players in that New York Jets locker room last year. He decides when he has to report to training camp rather then do all the work that the rest of the team does. No one is complaining now because of how well he is playing, just like the Jets didn’t complain when they were the hottest team in the league, but when it all fell apart, the truth came out. Look, it is my opinion to not like Favre. You can go ahead and like him because of his accomplishments on the field and because he’s a goofball hammin’ it up for the cameras in the locker room after the game, but don’t kid yourself and tell me that he’s a man of high character he just isn’t. I’m fine with you looking the other way because you like the way he plays, but you won’t convince me that he’s a good guy. He’s selfish. Just ask Javon Walker. And Ryan, you are/were (I’m not even sure anymore) a Packer fan, so I know you know what I’m talking about with Javon.

      Your Sidney Rice point is pure speculation. Sidney couldn’t stay healthy the last two years, and that is in no way Tarvaris’ fault. You can credit Favre and it’s hard for me to argue that, but it’s still speculation.

      I’m sorry, but not everyone is getting along fine. In training camp there was the “schism” and more recently it came to the surface that Favre and Childress have been arguing over game plans and play calling all season long. Favre was insubordinate when Childress told him he was coming out of the game. Another sign that he lacks character.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Look at last season’s schedule versus this one, and you will see that this was an easier schedule that also started out even easier, thus allowing us to gain momentum. Last year we had to go to Green Bay and then home against Indianapolis to start the year, and then home against the eventual 12-4 Caroline Panthers and then away to the league best 13-3 Tennessee Titans. Ouch. Now if Tarvaris and Gus can go 10-6 with that brutal schedule, and since Tarvaris probably would have done at least 10-6 on his own, since his play was consistently better than Gus’s, then why couldn’t the same team plus a healthy Sidney Rice, plus Percy Harvin, plus Phil Loadholt, minus Matt Birk and Darren Sharper go 12-4 against a far easier schedule? You are insulting the rest of the team if you are saying a T-Jack led Vikings squad couldn’t start this season 5-0.

      And speaking of all this great chemistry, why has Adrian had by far his least efficient year as a Viking this season? After all, wasn’t Favre’s passing ability supposed to relieve pressure on Adrian allowing him to run against less defenders in the box than he ever has? The answer lies within my second Favre rant blog post. (Well, my theory anyhow.)

      So yeah, I was crushed when I saw the Gophers’ score. I didn’t get to see the game since BTN is virtually nonexistent. Tubby had better figure this out. He’s finally failing to meet my expectations. There is no excuse for losing that game. But yeah, this weekend we have a shot. And I would call it a must win after the Indiana loss. We’re a different team at home, so you never know. I wish I was gonna be there.

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