4 comments on “I hate being right more than losing

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Favre certainly did choke in the big moment, but the fact is that it shouldn’t have come down to him needing to make a play at that point. Harvin’s fumble inside the vike’s 20 set up NO for guaranteed points, Berian’s fumble at the NO 15 took guaranteed points away from the vikes, and the fumble at the end of the 1st half took away what should have been guarenteed points.

    Yeah, brett screwed the pooch when it really mattered, but his team let him down to put him in that situation.

    • Yeah, I agree with what you’re saying there, and I believe I tried to make it clear in my post that Favre definitely didn’t deserve all of the blame. It’s just that I knew all along that he was the wrong man for the job, and that he wasn’t good enough to get the Vikes over the hurdle. But good take, David.

      • So here’s a question for you…is it worth shopping AP? His butter fingers this year have been a huge headache. He cost us a chance to win at Chicago, which would have set us up for a #1 seed, and just wasn’t the productive back he had been in years past. They’re weak at LB now in my opinion since EJ won’t be back next year…do you think it’s worth looking around to see what they could get for peterson?

  2. Here’s my take on shopping AP: I remember back in ’05 I believe it was, or maybe ’04, the Broncos traded Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey. Basically the best young running back in the game straight up for the best cover corner in the game. So, the modern day equivalent would be Peterson for Darrelle Revis. Would I do that trade? If we ran any defense but the Tampa 2, absolutely. But I don’t feel like we’d be fully utilizing Revis’ talents as a lockdown man to man cover corner in our defense, so it wouldn’t be worth it. I do think it would be worth completely revamping our D and building it around him if we had him, but I think there’s no way the Jets would do that trade, especially since they don’t have a need at RB like the Redskins did. Since there is no other d-back in the league at that level, I say there’s no sense in trading Peterson because we wouldn’t get the value we would want. Brinkley filled in fairly well for Henderson, and he comes off the field in nickel and dime situations anyhow. I do think we need to get a dynamic safety in this year’s draft, and I think we should consider moving up to get Taylor Mays out of USC since Eric Berry is unattainable up in the top 5. Also, Chester Taylor is an unrestricted free agent, so I’d say we really do need Adrian. I’m not willing to give up on him, although, I was thinking trade him for Revis myself, but it would never happen.

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