4 comments on “Sampler Platter I

  1. Good blog post today. I liked the sampler platter.

    I commented on facebook about your success with Common. Club Trillion is pretty funny but I haven’t been reading lately.

    And now to Damian. I also love Damian, not as much as you but he is awesome. Do you remember when he was a freshman and him and Payton would shoot before games and they were both terrible. Somehow Damian went through a transition when Tubby got here and improved dramatically. It almost doesn’t even seem possible.

    On a terrible sidenote: How in the hell does Damian get left off the All-Conference Defensive Team. It is a complete joke. Dallas Lauderdale, Jeremy Nash and Trevon Hughes aren’t near the defenders Damian is. Some of the coaches must have soemthing against him.

  2. Wow. That hurts big time with Damian getting snubbed. I wasn’t aware of that yet. Last year he could have been defensive POY for the conference, but I believe he still made the team. I guess my best guess is that the other coaches voted for players on more successful teams, but that still doesn’t explain Jeremy Nash.

    I do remember those days when Damian and Kevin Payton were completely underwhelming during both their redshirt and freshman years. Payton was being played out of position at point guard, but he brought a lot of energy to the lineup. Unfortunately his exuberance led to one nice play in every 10 attempts, and the rest seemed to be turnovers. Damian always looked lost out there with that deer in the headlights type look on his face. He would just be scared to do anything. His minutes were pretty scarce on a horrible team, and I remember cracking jokes about “Damian Johnson” sightings. But then when Tubby came along, he immediately began to develop and I was won over by his play. By his junior year, he was already my favorite player on the team. I guess maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised that a coach of Tubby’s caliber could properly develop a player, so that makes me hope that Devoe, Colton, Ralph, and Cobbs can all make those jumps next season. We’ve seen flashes of brilliance from Devoe and Ralph, and I think Devoe will still be the best he can be if we can play him at 2. I’m glad to see Westbrook leave. He’s the Gilbert Arenas of the Gophers.

  3. Great, now I’m hungry. I would have never survived driving two coast-to-coast trips without the cell phone.

    As for the Gophers, the sooner this season is over the better. Hopefully it’ll serve as offseason motivation for this squad.

    Have you seen the Burger King ‘Small Hands’ commercial. Classic.

  4. Alright, enough with the Burger King commercial already!

    How dare you say the sooner the season is over the better? C’mon man, you’re supposed to be a Gopher backer after I got you season tickets last season. But despite your negativity, the Gophers were able to grind out a huge OT win over Michigan State, and we’re one step closer to that auto bid. Actually, if we beat #5 Purdue tomorrow, pencil us in for an 8 or 9 seed.

    Don’t worry about that hunger, I’ve got a full course meal coming your way soon enough.

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