4 comments on “Sampler Platter II

  1. The NCAA section fires me up more than anything else in this sampler platter. I just don’t get it. The BCS has been an awful system for years, with the vast majority of fans looking for an overhaul. I think it can be safely said that the ncaa basketball tournament has been one of their most successfully run playoffs, so now they’re going to try and change it? What will the regular season mean going forward? we’ll probably see 8-9 of the 11 big ten teams get in, the whole big east and ACC….I can’t imagine that this will improve college basketball.

  2. yeh for sampler platters. I had one the other day @ Chili’s and it was off the chain.

    I like the dumpster fire analogy. Nice work there. 96 teams is gonna be a train wreck.

    Keep ’em coming Magete!

  3. Glad to hear the feedback. I wish the people that ran the NCAA would understand that fans have a choice to make, and if the product gets bad enough, people who aren’t loyal to specific programs are going to spend their time and money following the NFL and the NBA rather than the already inferior NCAA options.
    One other note, I forgot to mention that the Steelers could still prove me wrong if they go ahead and trade Roethlisberger like they did Holmes. If they do this I will have to issue my first ever apology on my blog.

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