4 comments on “LeBron James is at a crossroads, and so is the NBA

  1. A Greener-Christiansen podcast is long overdue. Many thoughts now on what the future holds for LeBron. one thing should be overwhelmingly clear to anyone who watched: he’s definitely leaving Cleveland.

  2. I think you mean a Greanerr-Christensen podcast.

    So, I thought I should respond to my own post after the game went down. It was kind of like I predicted. LeBron seemed like he wanted to come out and prove everyone wrong, but the Celtics beat him anyway. So, on the surface, it might have looked like a good game. After all, it was a triple-double. But anyone who watched the game could see he just trying too hard to force things because he thought that’s what he had to do, and so he ended up with a low fg% and I believe 9 turnovers. But this still will give him less criticism than if he had sat back and taken what the Celtics were giving him, because it would have looked like he didn’t care again. It was almost perfect for him to show some heart, or at least, the illusion of heart, but still lose so he could have a great excuse to leave. I’m in the camp that sees Cleveland having about a 5% chance of keeping him. I think it’ll be John Calipari and LeBron in Chicago next season, or maybe even Phil Jackson! Or New York gets Chris Bosh and LeBron. I can’t wait to see where he ends up!

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