12 comments on “The Ten Best Fast Foods I’ve Eaten

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  2. Pete-O…this is a beautiful list. I myself have left the promised land, flowing with cheeses and meats…(or tasty substitutes of either)…but your lost brought me back to the good old days…

    I think I’ll have me some McDonalds on the morrow. My thanks good man…

    peaceout homeslice, keep it fresh


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  5. I had a similar experience the first few times I had a Chipotle burrito. I wasn’t that impressed, and just found it to be an average burrito. My taste for it quickly grew though, and I would have to say that it is my single favorite fast food item.

    I have the same feelings about the size though…they’re not quite big enough. There is a restaurant called “burrito union” in duluth that has some very good burritos (not quite chipotle caliber, but still good) and they have two size options. “one fisted” or “two fisted” The smaller is pretty similar to a standard chipotle burrito, maybe a little bit smaller….the double is about 1.75 X the size of the chipotle, so it is a good fit for me. I’d love to see chipotle adopt some more size options.

  6. I will definitely take your advice on Raisin’ Cane’s if I ever find myself down there…but that typically only happens about once a year for a gophers game now that the student section tickets gravy train has dried up.

    (not that they’re going to be worth watching next year anyway, especially if Mbakwe leaves)

    I just can’t do KFC for some reason…the majority of the food there is just nasty to me for some reason, and I can’t get over it.

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