13 comments on “Life as a Bible Camp Counselor

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  2. This is by far my favorite of your posts to date…lots of fun memories brought back from my summers at bcbc.

    In your post I particularly cracked up at the memories of “staff support” meetings. I had completely forgotten about those tear soaked discussions…perhaps I had blocked them from my mind. Trying to keep our updates to as few words as possible as some female staffers poured out their hearts was a drain on my day. Like you said in your post, I’m not trying to sound cold our heartless, but I just could have done without those little get weep fests…a little basketball would have been far better for my soul.

    Also, do you remember when we had the “guy’s night” in town when we played mini golf, and everyone pitched a dollar into the pot, with the winner taking the spoils? If so, do you remember how one of our young male staffers was all up for the small wager, until he lost, and then decided to tell us that he didn’t want to bet anyway, and was un-willing to fork over his dollar? good times…

  3. I do recall that “guy’s night” and that dollar that was withheld. Did we really let him get away with that? Or did we make him pay up? Sounds like him and a certain female counselor that summer could have started a “Bet Welchers Anonymous” group. Funny how both of their names rhymed with “Pal”. Blue blood? Are you kidding me?

  4. Fine, if you continue to refuse a post on Bouldin, then I demand a post on the sports culture of Alaska. No professional sports teams of its own, what teams and sports do capture the state imagination?

  5. I like that suggestion, Chris. I was planning on writing a post about life in Alaska, in general, and so I think I’ll include a paragraph or two on the sports culture of the area.

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  7. Hey who was that guy on “guy night” that didnt pay? Every time we had thos staff support meetings. Ill sometimes like make stuff up and make it funny. I tried to make those staff supports fun. I think it was impossible. I think chad should turn that camp to Boys Covenant Bible Camp. Guys only. So we could play intense games. Pull pranks on each other without the girls whining. That camp was good times. I missed it alot. Especially the Gallon Challenge and shooting pickle juice at the girls cabin. Dont forget Peter our “Adventures with Mitch Haaby”. Oh yeah i forgot I aslo miss beating you at basketball.

  8. Never mind i figuerd it out who it was at guys night. By the way who did win that mini golf tournament. I was just messing with you on the basketball . I know that you have beaten me but if i recall i think i have beaten you once.

    • You’re high if you think you ever beat me at basketball. Maybe you beat me at ping pong once, but even that I’m not sure. But I do recall beating you at ping pong with my left hand that one time.

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  10. Helo Peter, my name is Juwaid Yasdani, from Alberta Canada. I have been reading your website for many years. I too am engineer and read all your entries, not just the electrical ones. Will you keep blogging, it seems you have stopped. You seem to have good mind for sports. Would be of interest to read your thoughts on Canadian football league. Many thanks. Bible camp sounds fun although I am Hindu.

    • Thanks for reading Juwaid! I actually am currently working on a couple posts, but I don’t make time to work on them enough anymore. Ever since I moved back to Minnesota I have much more of a social life and thus don’t have as much time on my hands. I promise I’ll post more, I just can’t promise you how frequent the posts will be.

      As for Canadian football, I don’t know the first thing about it, so I think you’d be pretty disappointed by the quality of the post. So sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be tackling that subject.

      Thanks again for reading!

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