4 comments on “Living in Alaska

  1. You know, you are missing possibly the mos prominent aspect of Alaska to emerge in the recent years. In what esteem does your new state hold Mrs. Palin?

  2. Yeah, I was kind of avoiding the topic, but if you must know, I’ll comment. Sarah, as everyone seems to refer to her as, is just as polarizing here as anywhere else in the country, but she seems to be more popular here. The papers and the local news seem to be kind of hard on her, and there are plenty of liberals that hate on her, but for the most part, she is still loved by many up here. I see Palin for president t-shirts and bumper stickers every once in a while, and in just about every gift shop in the state, you can buy something with Sarah’s name/face on it. She had left office before I moved here, but I had always heard through my grandparents that she was a very popular governor, but the run at vice president made her more polarizing, and I’m not too impressed by here quitting just to make the money grab with her book deal. Then again, I’d probably be trying to get paid, too.

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