11 comments on “The Best (and Worst) Uniforms in Sports

  1. tampa bay creamsicles, pittsburgh pirates, and montreal canadians. BEST.

    san diego padres camos, houston rockets spaceships circa barkley era, and denver broncos old afl unis WORST.

  2. Oh poor Peter. It was so good of you to recognize that you didn’t watch hockey and had not the experience to comment on their jerseys, but to completely ignore soccer whose jerseys simply are the best is unpardonable, especially after the World Cup frenzy this summer. Particular favorites of that event were Germany home (http://www.worldsoccershop.com/41477-wh.html), Cote d’Ivoire home (http://www.worldsoccershop.com/601413-or.html) and France away (http://www.worldsoccershop.com/41193-wh.html). I admit that the professional leagues have difficulties working around the rotating sponsor names splashed on their chests, but you can still find some good stuff like Ajax (http://www.worldsoccershop.com/95929-wh.html) and Seattle (http://www.worldsoccershop.com/79795-gr.html). That’s not even including Kenya’s national rugby jersey (http://www.worldrugbyshop.com/6670.html) or Indonesian badminton (http://nimg.sulekha.com/sports/original700/nova-widianto-liliyana-natsir-2009-10-31-13-10-11.jpg).

  3. LaMarcus: Thanks for your input. Those Rocket jerseys were terrible, and camo is a pretty bad look. I actually kind of like the old Bronco jerseys, but that’s probably just because of how much I hate their current uniforms. You like those old creamsicle unis? I actually don’t mind the colors that much, but the dude on the helmet was ridiculous. If I was forced to choose a hockey uniform, I think I’d have to go with the Hartford Whalers partly due to the fact that they don’t exist anymore, seen here: http://intenttoblow.com/2010/10/hartford-whalers-winnipeg-jets-quietly-begin-claiming-waived-players/.

  4. Chris: Along with the horrible Seattle Seahawk jerseys that I forgot to list on my least favorite jerseys, those Seattle soccer uniforms are horrendous. I agree with you on the German uniforms, but I think my favorites from the World Cup were England:http://www.yusportshop.com/user/include/etno/images/items/deciji_dres_srbije_1.jpg
    Serbia: http://www.yusportshop.com/user/include/etno/images/items/deciji_dres_srbije_1.jpg
    And the US whites: http://www4.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Czech+Republic+v+United+States+RgNkh8tUwIWl.jpg
    You also can’t go wrong with classics like Brazil and Argentina, and the Dutch. Also Chris, you need to turn the dial off of ESPN 8: the Ocho when you’re watching Indonesian badminton, and start watching some NBA or NFL.

  5. can’t believe you left off the wizards’ gold and blacks. even the homeless wouldn’t wear those things.

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