5 comments on “Puerto Rico Tip-Off 2010: My Thoughts

  1. Good post Magoo!

    Here are some reasons to be more excited about this season that you failed to mention. When we beat Louisville and Butler in years past we were not missing our most dynamic offensive player when we won those games. Now don’t get me wrong, Devoe has his flaws and is not the most valuable player to this team but he can create his own shot, something this team sorely lacks. Another reason is Mbakwe. We have not had someone with that powerful of an offensive and rebounding combination in a long time. He will have a huge impact on our offense and defense. You touched on this, but Nolen has taken his game to a completely new level. He is much more under control and was taking guys to the basket at will. Very good to see after his “issues” last year.

    I love that you are giving Blake some love. As you know I have always thought Blake was underrated and was one of few people who thought he should continue to get minutes when he was shooting poorly during his sophomore year. Too many people see him just as a shooter, but he brings much more than just his shot. He is one of the best rebounding guards in the conference (this without having all that much athletic ability). He is the best passer on this team and while he can get beat defensively every now and then he is a good team defensive player and really buys into Tubby’s system. He just seems to be in the right place for rebounds and also takes an unusually high number of charges. Also, Al seems to have gotten better about it, but over the last 3 years Blake was the only player on our team that could effectively pass the ball into the post with some consistency. He is a really valuable part of this team.

    I do have to take a shot at your predictions a bit. If we go undefeated non-conference and proceed to win 12-13 big ten games with a couple wins the Big 10 tourney there is no way we will be any worse than a 4 seed and more likely a 3 seed. The Big 10 is so tough this year and our RPI will show that at the end of the year.

    One other thing, it is a complete joke that UNC was a preseason top 10 team.

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  3. Ryan,

    You made some great points about how this year could be different, and I really hope you’re right, but like I said, I won’t believe it until I see it. I guess this is just coming from getting burned by the Gophers so many times in the past, but I’m just naturally a skeptic. Maybe I’m listening to too much Common. While Mbakwe brings us things we didn’t have in the past, we also don’t have Damian anymore, and I just don’t think Rodney or Hollins is going to step up in that way quite yet.

    You touched on some things that I failed to mention about Blake that are more examples of how he’s a good player. His rebounding and taking charges deserve to be praised as well.

    You’re probably right about my predictions, I’m again, just being conservative in my predictions. If you go game by game, “in theory” we’re capable of 14-4 or 15-3, but I just don’t think it’s gonna happen. But yeah, if we go 12-6 and along with 11-0 in preseason, we probably are for sure a #4. I forgot about how the strength of schedule will help our RPI come selection sunday. I agree with your evaluation of UNC, and that’s why this post would have been far more negative had we decided to be complacent after knocking them off and then not showing up against West Virginia.


  4. Good stuff Pete. 🙂 Someday I’ll try to make up something to disagree with you about. It’ll be fun to see how far the Gophers can go this year!

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