8 comments on “P90X Results and Review

  1. Hey Peter, This was my first time reading your blog! I have to admit, very entertaining. I wish I would have been reading it with Amy, because I think we would have been laughing at your “unscientific” results together.

    I mostly wanted to comment because unfortunately, I relate so much to the body not being what it used to be thing. Take it from someone one year older and wiser than you… kiss your 20-year-old body good bye. However painful it is, I don’t think it’s coming back for any of us. Hurts, doesn’t it? Now, when will I be mature enough to accept that?

    • So my P90X results post was the first post that seemed interesting enough for you to read? What about my highly successful “Life as an Electrical Engineer” post, or perhaps my guide to fast food?

      Perhaps that one less year on Earth is what allows me to hold on to those dreams of a fit body. Simply put, I have the body of an electrical engineer.

    • Yeah, he deserves absolutely every shot possible to be taken at him. I don’t know if everyone gets the joke, but my intentions when I made the comment were “not very good, yet only after the numbers”.

  2. While we are in the area of P90X Results and Review Pete Magete Blog, I think about working out even if I’m not able to physically do it that day. You might say that I did my workout in my mind before ever picking up a single weight.

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