6 comments on “Pete Magete Blog’s Guide to Being Cheap

  1. The “do your own oil changes” really saved me money until I got a metal shaving in my eye from an oil splash. ~$200 to get that bad boy out is going to take a lot of oil changes to make up (and I have insurance). The moral of the story isn’t to stop changing your oil, its to wear safety glasses.

  2. i agree with all those stuff. Man i must be a lazy woman. I go to the services to get my oil change. It now makes sense. You forgot one thing and that is the ladies!!!! You forgot to say stay away from the ladies because they are not cheap. i know for sure. Unless you find a cheap woman but that is very rare to find. hey my poppa would always say if you are going to be cheap, you have to be cheap. Just kidding he didnt really say that.

    • I’ve been really lazy about changing my oil, too, but I changed it myself last time, and I plan on continuing to do it myself. Staying away from ladies will save you a lot of money, so I would recommend that if you’re not looking for anything serious, but I wouldn’t suggest swearing off women altogether since not everyone is cut out for a life of being single.

  3. well i wasnt saying being cut off from women or ladies. Im just saying if a person is in love instead of trying to impress her by buying her the most expensive stuff. The cheap was is to go the dollar store. just kidding. like maybe make her a present from scratch, instead of taking her out all the time cook her a meal, and instead of going to the movies watch one at the house. I just think you forgot to put the biggest topic of being cheap.

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