3 comments on “Sampler Platter V – Spice of Life Edition

  1. Two points. First, regarding your thoughts on ESPN’s broadcast practices, I read a few articles about ESPN as a network when that oral history “Those Guys Have All The Fun” came out. More than a few people expressed their disappointment with the direction the network has gone since its earliest days when it did show Australian rules football and lacrosse and whatever else it could get the broadcast rights to cheap to fill all 24 hours a day before endless football and basketball commentary became the standard. There also already is the North American Lacrosse League, and there is a movement now to do the same with rugby in the United States. Why not spread around the attention and money a little more instead of investing it all into just football and basketball? ESPN3 shows some movement in that direction as things like archery and judo world championships get play there. It just needs a little more of a push.

    Second, regarding the Packers, why should suffering be a requirement for being a dedicated fan? If it is, why don’t we hear about how great the fans of the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Raptors are? I think the Packers are special because the owners treat their fans well. Ted Thompson doesn’t treat it like a business and think first about maximizing profit. His first priority is creating an excellent team/product that people actually want to cheer for. Compare the Packers to the Jaguars who waived David Garrard, who certainly would be a better quarterback this season than Gabbert. The owners did that because Garrard cost more. The money saved on the rookie quarterback was more money in their pocket, and now the team is being sold. And it’s not just the Jaguars. The majority of team owners in every professional league look to their bottom line first and the fans second, but not the Packers because their fans are their owners. And the Packers have been worse than mediocre for decades, just not the ones since we’ve been watching football. Between 1968 and 1992, they had only five seasons with winning records.

    • Chris,

      I don’t really disagree with your take on ESPN. But I can see why they do what they do. They are simply too motivated by money. One of their main competitors, Fox SportsNet, does cover more international competition and non-mainstream American sports, and yet, they don’t do nearly as well as ESPN. I guess you’ll either have to be content with watching those sports on the internet or on Fox SportsNet.

      Suffering isn’t a requirement for being a dedicated fan. I just suggested that it’s a lot easier to be dedicated when your team returns the favor with a winning product on the field, which clearly, the Packers are and have been doing for a couple of decades now quite well. You got me on how they stunk for 24 years there, so I guess I didn’t check my facts (and I’m still taking your word for it), but that was before I was watching the NFL for the most part, so I don’t know if the announcers would heap on praise of their fans back then too. Clearly I’m just a bitter Vikings fan who is lashing out, which is exposing me and my inferiority complex towards the Packers. But you only continue to make my point for me when you go on about how Thompson is so good to the fans. And by the way, I have heard about how good the fans of the Raptors are (and plenty of other consistently losing teams), but nothing about the Royals.

      Thanks for your comments.


      • By the way, you never refuted my point that the same people of Wisconsin who get credit for being such great fans when they’re supporting the Packers, totally disregard the Bucks unless they’re on a playoff run.

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