4 comments on “The Most Ridiculous Christmas List

  1. Absolutely hilarious. I haven’t really cared enough or paid enough attention to know what they wanted but this is some high comedy here. The repeal of Taft-Harley, moratorium on mortgages and the minimum wage are some of my favorites. And of course the video, “because I want it…”

    Good stuff Magoo!

  2. Nicely done PC. I liked how some of thier rules do not play well together at all, assuming they were all accepted, specifically as you noted, the 90% / 95% tax and the $18 minimum / $90 maximum. Doing some quick math, under that rule, let’s say the CEO makes the maximum of $90 an hour, giving him a take home pay of 187,200 per year assuming a 40 hr week / 52 wk yr. After his standard 90% tax bracket, and extra 5% tax for being super rich, he ends up with a bit over $9K of spending cash. We’ll obviously pay the janitor $18 an hour, paying him about $37K a year, and if he qualifies for the negative income tax, well then……I think I want to earn as little as possible in this new system. De-incentivizing productivity: Makes sense, if you don’t think about it.

    • Yeah, that’s why I think this list is somewhat bogus/compiled from a bunch of different random demands that didn’t all come from the same person/group. Too many of them contradict themselves, which isn’t completely unlikely, but still insinuates that this list came from multiple sources. Thanks for breaking it down. I wanted to do that, but was trying to keep the post a reasonable length.

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