24 comments on “8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Being an Electrical Engineering Consultant

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  2. Great article. This totally captures what it is like to be an electrical engineer, especially the part where everybody thinks your some kind of electrical appliance fairy who can fix anything that is powered by electricity. If you do manage to find yourself working alongside the electricians more often however, you will pick up on some practical skills and may even feel confident enough to try it on your own.
    As for the architects not making consideration for electrical equipment, it is in THEIR best interest to heed the electrical engineer’s advice if they don’t want to make a bad design decision that doesn’t facilitate proper maintenance practices which creates hazardous working conditions because “it looks good”.
    You may be the last to know but keep in mind that the electrical engineer is the most important to the finish of a project for without the electrical engineer’s input, nothing will work. The other engineers would basically be participating in an art project which does nothing more than take up space.

    • Yeah, unfortunately I haven’t worked alongside the electricians nearly enough. Just a little here and there, but they are skills that I’d love to learn. You’re absolutely right about the architects, and the good ones know better, but too many are worried about their design preferences first and foremost. And of course, the worst is when they decide to change a wall or a door when you’re already far along in your design.
      Thanks a lot for your great comment, and thanks for reading!

  3. Don’t forget to always leave a toolkit and DMM in car for when you visit family. You become the family IT guy.

    Nice blog. Please swing by mine if you have a chance. I’m trying to get it off the ground.

    • I checked out your blog and it looks great! Looks like a couple fellow bloggers are checking out your stuff so that’s a great start. I think your blog will fill a specific niche that could really do well if your future posts are as high quality as your first. Thanks for reading!

  4. Nice article. this about like to be an electrical engineer, the project is finished by engineer, they have good skill and engineer has to be strong for his job, thanks for this article

  5. Hello Sir,

    I am working in thermal power plant EPC project site in India at a temperature of around 45 degrees…Sometimes when I dehydrate I always wonder I should have been an electrical engineer in USA (cold weather) but not in India where I am getting paid less, working for 14 hours a day in site, zero social life as I have to work six days a week and sometimes half a day in sunday…. What company you are working?…Have you got office in India?….If so, pls refer me..

  6. Can I have your permission to print this article in our EEE magazine for Brac University student?I hope you will permit me.If yes then Plzzz plzzz plzz I would like to know your full name or sir name as i have to give the reference. 🙂

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  8. hi , i am working in pharmaceutical industry in Ethiopia , i need to be international worker in the electrical engineering field , plzzz show me the way how to shine in my dream …

  9. Hello,

    I’m trying to do some research as to whether or not the electrical engineering field would suit me. I’ve been in the finance field for some time and simply hate it. I enjoy science and the ability to think outside of the box, I’m observant and have a real knack for problem solving. Does anyone have any suggestions or websites? I simply need more information on the field, if it is worth the investment of getting a masters (BS,Btech), if I could get my feet wet in the field before just diving head first into it. I simply don’t want to waste my time and money. Being that education is ridiculously expensive.


  10. Cool article. I start my first EE full time job in the summer and what you described seems pretty accurate from what I’ve learned at my internship in the summer. It was at an Architectural firm.

  11. Thanks alot Peter… Am currently electrical engineering student who was so confused about my life after school,since i though i need to remember everything that i have learnt in school

  12. I don’t know what to left as a comments, surely I everyday learning from my past working days. After eight years of experience in the electrical , its not easy to say I know bit in electrical .Good luck

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