Meet Magete

I’m just a 27 year old guy having fun sharing his opinions and experiences with the world through this blog.  I grew up in rural Minnesota, and now I live in Minneapolis and work as an electrical engineer.  I spend most of my free time watching, reading about, or playing sports (mainly basketball), so I like to talk a lot about them in this blog.  However, I also write about current events, my life experiences, pop culture and any other subject that gives me an idea.  I really appreciate each and every bit of feedback I get on this thing, so never hesitate to comment or email me.  Thanks for reading!

3 comments on “Meet Magete

  1. Pete: I stumbled across your blog when looking for electrical engineering blogs. I see you haven’t posted in awhile, I hope you’re doing alright and think you should post again soon if you can!

    • Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for reading. I do have some blog post ideas I just haven’t been making time to write lately. I’ll have to get on that. Hopefully you’ll check back when I finally get around to posting again.

  2. Hey Pete, I’m Dmitriy I just found your site and I’m very interested in becoming an electrical engineer myself and was hoping to ask you some questions regarding that. I’m Currently enrolled in an apprentice program to be a construction electrician. I am finishing up my 4th year with my school and I should be an electrical journeyman later this year. If you can please email me at for the best way to contact you if you’re not too busy. Thank you!

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